Potatoes are a very popular vegetable, consumed by at least a billion people worldwide. They come in many types, including maris piper and King Edward. Sweet potatoes are also becoming very popular. Despite the varieties of them potatoes have recently received some negatively, due to the fact that they contain carbohydrates. Carbohydrates contains energy which we need to move constantly.

Potatoes also contains other important nutrients:

· Fibre, this contributes to making the body feel fuller for longer. It can also contribute to helping to prevent constipation, which is caused by lack of fibre. Consuming potatoes with the skin on has more fibre in comparison to consuming potatoes without the skin. However it is advised to ensure that potato skins are not discoloured or marked before consumption, as it can cause ill health in large amounts.

· B vitamins, as stated in previous articles B Vitamins are important for various functions including cell membranes in the body. In particular potatoes contain folate which is needed for cell growth and development.

· Minerals, as stated previously minerals are important for the functioning of hormones. They contain the mineral potassium, which transmits nerve impulses, and regulates blood pressure.

· Lack of salt, this is ideal as there is a recommended amount of 6 grams a day. This is equivalent to a teaspoon a day. High intakes of salt are linked to an increased likelihood of having high blood pressure and heart disease.

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