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Community Pharmacy Symptoms, Diagnosis and TreatmentBy Paul Rutter

Now in its fourth edition, this best-selling book is fully updated to address the ever increasing demands on healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality patient care. A multitude of factors impinge on healthcare delivery today, including an ageing population, more sophisticated medicines, high patient expectation and changing health service infrastructure.

Time demands on primary care doctors have caused other models of service delivery to be adopted across the world, leading to ongoing changes in the traditional boundaries of care between doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. Certain medical tasks are now being performed by nurses and pharmacists, for example prescribing.

Healthcare policies to encourage patients to manage their own health have led to more medicines becoming available over the counter, allowing community pharmacists to manage and treat a wide range of conditions. Further deregulation of medicines to treat acute illness from different therapeutic areas seems likely.

Government policy now encourages chronic disease management as a self-care activity, and could well be the largest area for future growth of reclassification of medicines. Pharmacists, now more than ever before, need to be able to recognise the signs and symptoms, and use an evidence-based approach to treatment.

Community Pharmacy is intended for all non-medical prescribers but especially for pharmacists, from undergraduate students to experienced practitioners

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The The High Fibre Foods team thought readers would like to know of the new ‘virtual’ generation of pharmacy that has emerged. The following is the MyEasyDose explanation.

MyEasyDose Launches Video On Their Virtual Pharmacy Process

MyEasyDose is one of 16 pharmacies operating across Ontario and have launched a video on their virtual pharmacy process for wellness transformation via a custom wellness plan personalized for each patient.

MyEasyDose offers a true virtual pharmacy experience and has quickly become a leader in online prescription fulfillment and pill packaging solutions. They currently service residents in Ontario, Canada at this time, but are looking to expand that reach in the near future.

Frank Murgic, CEO and founder of MyEasyDose said, “We have a proven process called “The Sunshine Way” developed over the past 30 years that has helped many of our patients. We deliver one-on-one attention with a patient centric focus. We have recently created an in-depth video about our unique, proven process that has been extremely well-received by new patients to understand the unique services our pharmacies offer.”

Some benefits a MyEasyDose patient could experience range from reducing medications, weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels, quitting smoking, better blood pressure, enhanced diabetes management and the list goes on.

As part of the process, MyEasyDose also holds consultations with patients allowing them to receive best-in-class care, and for the pharmacy to help them with health goals using a multi-device-compatible, easy and secure over the internet video technology, which allows family members and/or doctors to be involved if desired.

The virtual pharmacy service has greatly benefited people preferring to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic and holiday periods. It has been invaluable for people in remote areas and increases pharmacy access for seniors and caregivers. Patients searching for new pharmacies or pharmacy delivery services now have access to a pharmacy team from the convenience of their home.

The addition of virtual pharmacy continues a history of innovation for MyEasyDose, following the launch of its signature MED pack in 2015, an optional program which sorts patient’s or their loved one’s medications and supplements by dose in packaging stamped by date and time. This packaging system ensures an accuracy of 99.9% during medication sorting and gives patients the peace of mind that they’re getting the right medication at the right time, at no additional cost.

MyEasyDose works closely with patients not just during automated refills or MedsCheck’s, but whenever they have questions about their medication or health. Pharmacists regularly review patient’s prescription drugs and supplements to make sure everything is optimized and in line with their health goals, and will even help them, if possible, to get off their prescription medications. MyEasyDose does all the work, transferring prescriptions, talking with doctors, sorting refills and adding over-the-counter items needed and offering free delivery to the patient.

MyEasyDose is one of the first Online Virtual Pharmacies operating across Ontario, Canada, established by Founder and President Frank Murgic, who started his first pharmacy in 1992.

The pharmacies have become a trusted healthcare advocate in the communities they serve. Offering a full array of pharmacy services and now, with this true virtual pharmacy experience, it opens them up to a wider audience, giving patients the opportunity to receive the best care from the comfort and convenience of their home.

For more information or to book an appointment with a member of the pharmacy team, visit their website here:


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